About Us

Pro‑life was founded by Evan Stewart in 2006, to create a range of high-quality supplements designed to boost health and well‑being. The Pro-life ethos builds upon the years of market‑leading research and strict quality control standards followed by Evan’s father, Dr. Warren Stewart, who started New Zealand Nutritionals in 1974. Evan and his son Callum now run New Zealand Nutritionals and continue to develop formulas that are based on up-to-date research.

As such, all Pro‑life products are created by trained nutritionists and made with the highest-quality ingredients available. We prioritise sourcing raw materials that are grown in New Zealand, GMO-free and organic.

At Pro-life we believe that natural solutions to health and well‑being are the best approach for everyone. We strive to teach our customers about the benefits of enhancing their everyday diet with amazing nutrients that can be found in nature.

NZN Certification

Notice of Registration

New Zealand Nutritionals HACCP (Food Safety) Certificate of Registration