Junior Goat's Milk & Calcium (NZ Manuka Honey & Banana)

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“Healthy as a goat” goat’s milk is a natural food with high nutritional characteristics especially for newborns. Calcium is an essential mineral in the human body that helps maintain healthy bones and teeth. The combination of ingredients and NZ Manuka Honey provides good nutrition for growing children, together with enzymes that help support digestion.

*Double Strength compared to Prolife Junior Creamy Vanilla and Chocolate flavoured Goat’s Milk & Calcium Chewy tablets.

  • Goat’s milk has smaller fat particles, which makes it easier to digest than cow’s milk. The protein in Goat’s milk are digested more completely that cow’s milk.
  • Calcium is essential in children’s diets to support new bone production and maintenance.
  • Contains an enzyme blend to support digestion. Bromelain aids the normal breakdown of protein. Amylase supports the processing of carbohydrates. Lipase maintains the digestion and absorption of fats.

Each tablet contains: Low-fat Goat’s Milk Powder 400mg, Calcium (phosphate) 11.5mg, New Zealand Manuka Honey Powder, Enzyme blend (Bromelain, Amylase and Lipase) 1.5mg. This product contains dextrose, tableting aids and flavour.

Suggested Use

Children (age 3-7): Chew 1 tablets twice daily. Children (age 8+): Chew 1-2 tablets twice daily. Take preferably with food, or as professionally recommended. Adult supervision recommended.


Seek professional health advice if suffering from a medical condition, taking medication or experiencing allergies to dairy products before supplementing.