Vitamin C (Blueberry)

90 & 200 chewy tablets

for Immune System Support

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Vitamin C (Blueberry)
Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for immune health, antioxidant protection and growth support in various parts of body. With real blueberry fruit, this chewable Vitamin C is a great tasting and convenient supplement for growing children to help maintain resistance against the immune challenges encountered daily.
Ingredients: Each tablet provides: Vitamin C 125mg. Containing: Calcium Ascorbate 79mg, Ascorbic Acid 40mg, Sodium Ascorbate 23mg, Blueberry Fruit Powder 50mg. This product contains Dextrose, Sorbitol, Tableting Aids and Flavour.
Suggested Use: Children (age 3-7): Chew 1 tablet daily. Children (age 8+): Chew 1 tablet twice daily. Take preferably with food, or as professionally recommended. Adult supervision recommended.

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