Green Lipped Mussel

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Green Lipped Mussel

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Green Lipped Mussel
Green Lipped Mussel is found in the clean, green coastal waters of New Zealand. It contains a high concentration of amino acids, mucopolysaccharides and many other bioactive nutrients. Green Lipped Mussel provides nutritional support for healthy joint function and general wellbeing.
Ingredients: Lyophilised NZ Green Lipped Mussel Powder 500mg (equivalent to fresh Green Lipped Mussel 2500mg). This product contains encapsulating aids.
Suggested Use: Adults: Take 1-4 capsules daily with food, or as professionally recommended.

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Cautions: Seek professional health advice if pregnant, lactating, suffering from a medical condition, taking medication, or experiencing seafood allergies before supplementing.


Nutritional information contained here is based on research literature and published knowledge on nutrition. Any nutritional suggestions should not be taken as medical advice.