Excell IQ

30 capsules

for Mental Performance

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Excell IQ
Excell IQ contains a synergistic combination of natural herbs, essential amino acids and useful nutrients, which are vital for normal brain function. These potent ingredients are beneficial for increasing blood flow to brain, enhancing memory and concentration, and supporting cognitive function and mental alertness.
Ingredients: Gingko Biloba 2000mg, Bacopa Monnieri 300mg, Guarana 250mg, Panax Ginseng 250mg, Gotu Kola 125mg, RNA 125mg, L-Tyrosine 65mg, L-Glutamine 50mg, L-Taurine 25mg, Phosphatidyl Serine 5mg. This product contains encapsulating aids. Some herbal extracts used.
Suggested Use: Adults – Take 1-2 capsules twice daily, 20 minutes prior to food or well after food, or as professionally recommended. Best taken with Pro-life Daily Man or Daily Woman, and Omega 3 to maintain adequate daily nutrient intake.

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Cautions: Seek professional health advice if pregnant, lactating, taking medication, suffering a medical condition or a child before supplementing. This product contains caffeine, which may cause insomnia and anxiety in some individuals.


Nutritional information contained here is based on research literature and published knowledge on nutrition. Any nutritional suggestions should not be taken as medical advice.