Cold-ez Hot Menthol

12 Lozenges

with Menthol, Propolis,
Eucalyptus, Vitamin C &
Zinc to help aid with colds

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Cold-ez Hot Menthol
Hot Menthol Cold-ez Lozenges are packed with the nutritional goodness of zinc and vitamin C, key nutrients for the functioning of the immune system, and propolis, which contains a natural antibiotic. These Cold-ez Lozenges may bring immediate benefits of soothing the throat and clearing nasal congestion.
Ingredients: Zinc (gluconate) 5mg, Vitamin C 50mg, Propolis* 55mg, Menthol 55mg, Eucalyptus 55mg. In a base of sugar, glucose syrup, natural aniseed flavour and water. *Some extracts used. NO ADDED YEAST, SALT, ARTIFICIAL COLOURING, ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURING OR PRESERVATIVES.
Suggested Use: Take up to 3 Cold-ez lozenges daily as soon as you recognise a cold coming on.

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Cautions: Care should be taken by people who may have allergies to bee products and herbs. Not to be taken by pregnant or lactating women.


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